Frosted Glue Strain

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Frosted glue strain

Enjoy this frosted glue strain’s deep, intense aroma with a nutty undertone. It has 22.83% to 31.53% THC and is created for all Sativa lovers that enjoy relaxing and more profound euphoric effects at night or early in the morning. The frosted weed strain retains its fruity, sweet taste but is much more cerebral and fun-loving than many other strains.

Due to its cerebral euphoria, the Frosted Glue strain is excellent for those suffering from depression or stress and those looking to alleviate any associated symptoms. It provides a touch of flowery sweetness that acts as a comforting blanket over your senses and eases your mind as you relax. The clean pine notes give way to an amazing fruity smell that makes this cannabis surprisingly clean, grounding, and uplifting.

Terpenes in Frosted glue strain

  • alpha-Pinene: 0.024%
  • (-)-beta-Pinene: 0.052%
  • beta-Myrcene: 0.242%
  • d-Limonene: 0.128%
  • Linalool: 0.033%
  • Camphene: 0.009%
  • beta-Caryophyllene: 0.276%
  • alpha-Humule: 0.073%
  • (-)-alpha-Bisabolol: 0.070%

Effects and taste

Frosty weed strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid known for its potent cerebral effects. Frosted Glue buds are covered in frosty trichomes and have a deep, earthy flavor. The aroma and taste of this frosted strain are sweet, clean, and piney with a hint of flowery notes.

Frosted Glue cannabis strains are known for their high THC levels and cerebral effects. This strain is excellent for daytime use, but some people prefer to smoke this strain in the evening as well. They don’t get too heavy or couch locking when consumed at night, but you may notice that you feel relaxed, and your thoughts may become more focused. As its name suggests, Frosted Glue is the perfect strain for those who like to relax on their couch after work. This strain will make you euphoric and happy while giving you clear-headedness. Frosted Glue’s sweet flavors come from the terpenes that give it its pine aroma and its floral notes from the CBD-rich genetics.

Medical users have reported feeling euphoric after consuming just one or two puffs of this strain. Some patients also report elevated moods, while others claim to feel relaxed and calm after smoking this strain. The effects can last between two and three hours or longer, depending on how much you smoke or how often you consume it during that period.

Medical value

It can assist you with:

  • Pain Relief
  • Depression
  • Menstrual Inflammation
  • Chronic pains
  • Anxiety


2 reviews for Frosted Glue Strain

  1. Maria

    The first time I had mine was not too long ago. Doing great till today and this is the only place I’m sure to order from😉

  2. Joseph Martinez

    Frosted glue is one of the best highs I’ve ever gotten. I highly recommend this strain for the real smokers. You will not be disappointed!! Five stars from me!

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