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Secret Nature’s Disposable Sativa Pens

Secret Nature’s Disposable Sativa pens are a custom formula optimized for Sativa fans. Sativa vape pen is a medium-light oil with excellent clarity and easy thickness. The taste is a classic hash experience, earthy and piney, with a nicely sweet finish. Get a high THC Sativa vape pen for sale today!

Sativa Pens

Sativa pens have THC values between 55-60%, and the Sativa ratio of this concentrate makes it suitable for daytime use. Head high is uplifting and focusing, with a gentle body buzz that melts stress away. Have snacks ready; you’ll feel the tug of the munchies. This Sativa pen is a perfect vape for easing symptoms of 

  • Anxiety
  • Depression, 
  • Mood swings, 
  • Fatigue, and 
  • Lack of appetite.

Cultivator: Silver State Trading

Dominate Terpenes: Pinene

Flavor: Earthy, woody, sweet

Effects: Relaxation, focus, appetite boost

Activities: Recreation, socializing, light work, or physical activity


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