Cali Plug KOOLAID Cart


Cali Plug KOOLAID Cart (1.0g)

Cali Plug KOOLAID Cart, Smile is a deep purple hybrid between fruity parents created by Andromeda Strains. The offspring of Purple Drink and Cherry Sauce, this potent resin-producing flower exhibits telltale signs of its intricate ancestry in both flavor and appearance.

Kool-Aid Smile is a tasty crowd-pleaser with Indica-dominant effects, developing fat, knotty colas that smell like grape candy. Kool-Aid Smile will uplift your mood, reduce sickness and moderate physical pain, and fire your hunger thanks to a mid-level physical sedative and a bright, whimsical mental state.

Medical Benefits Of Cali Vape Carts

No matter how delicious it might smell, save it for after-work, brethren. The entire body high from this cali vape carts is designed to relieve chronic pain and discomfort and can change the course of your whole day. Customers that buy Cali Plug KOOLAID are rewarded with a positive, tranquil buzz. The strain pleasant high can aid with

  • Restlessness,
  • Mood enhancement, and
  • Hunger stimulation.

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