Moonwalker Cartridge


Moonwalker Cartridge

Moonwalker carts containing Delta 8 is a unique product that fits snugly in your favorite vape pen cartridge, allowing you to experience a big hit of delicious vape from your familiar favorite Terpenes. It comes in a convenient, eye-catching package and is perfect for carrying around your pocket or purse. Moonwalker delta-8 cartridges are a disposable yet handy vaping product that packs a punch. The 1-gram cartridge contains 80% (900mg) of Hemp derived Delta 8 THC and 20% CBD, CBG, and CBN. The QR code is available on the packaging, leading you to the Lab results.

Moonwalker Carts Effects

Because excessive amounts of it might produce paranoia, the moonwalker delta 8 disposable strain is best suited for more experienced cannabis users. Anyone with a high tolerance for THC will likely discover that the mind-buzzing effects are not anxiety-inducing but rather awe-inspiring and reflective.

With the moonwalker cartridge, warming sensations spread throughout the body, with a pleasant buzzing sound accompanying them. The mind immediately experiences an elevating impact that results in almost unmatched euphoria. This also leads to a gradual but increasing state of sleepiness in the brain and body. With the moonwalker cartridge, creative ideas come and, in many instances, minor psychedelic effects, and the high begins to grow quite introspective.

Moonwalker Delta-8 Cartridges

A hefty dose of the body high might ultimately result in couchlock, which can be very relaxing for the muscles when tensions are eased. In addition, the euphoria from moonwalker delta-8 cartridges appears to get more robust and more incredible during the whole experience until you cannot hold a single idea in your brain. You may feel like you have reached outer space or are floating on top of a cloud while under the influence of some surreal visions.

Aroma and Taste

It has a strong pine and kush fragrance, which seasoned aficionados will recognize as a sign of the strain’s power. Spice things up with a dash of ground black pepper.
Regarding flavor, expect something out of the ordinary since the pine and peppery undertones are so strong. The moonwalker delta 8 disposable is made even better by the distinct flavor of sweet caramel, which further intensifies with each exhalation.

Available Flavours

  • Blue Dream
  • Skywalker
  • Northern Light
  • Gelato
  • Papaya Cake

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